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These small purple or pearly white streaks that we see on our stomach, our thighs, our arms, and our chest, it is very rare to find them aesthetic and to want to keep them as they are. There are natural treatments composed only of botanical active ingredients that can help you prevent their appearance or reduce them.


 1 / What is a stretch mark?

A story of collagen and elastin

A stretch mark is a scar that begins in the dermis of the skin. It is purplish red in color at first, but eventually clears up over time to become white or pearly.

The dermis, located between the epidermis (outer layer of the skin) and the hypodermis, is a connective tissue made up of blood vessels, nerve fibers and various cells including fibroblasts which secrete collagen and elastin. It is the collagen and elastin fibers that give the skin suppleness and elasticity.

Stretch marks appear when the production of collagen and elastin decreases.

This decrease is linked to the increased production of the hormone cortisol by the adrenal glands: When cortisol levels increase, the production of collagen and elastin decreases. LThe hormone cortisol also has the effect of slowing wound healing. Therefore if the skin is stretched (weight gain, pregnancy, puberty), a "scar" forms and does not go away, this is called a stretch mark.

When do they appear?

During a significant and rapid weight gain or loss: The traction exerted on the tissues leads to the rupture of certain elastic fibers of the dermis. They are accompanied by a loss of elasticity of the skin.

Lor phases of hormonal changes (adolescence and pregnancy) or in period of stress (stress hormone): these periods are associates increased cortisol secretion by the body.

And in more rare cases related to a health problem like syndrome of Cushing (disease characterized by too much secretion hormone including cortisol).

2/ QWho is affected by stretch marks?

Adults: Woman and Man

The women during pregnancy (50 to 70% of pregnant women are affected) well sûr, with hormonal change and weight gain, but men also are prone to weight gain and stress. Everyone is therefore concerned. Meven among athletes, lViolent efforts can lead to distension of the skin tissues and cause the collagen fibers to crack. Taking hormones steroid loaded with cortisol to improve performance, also increases risk.


Adolescence is a very destabilizing phase that combines hormonal changes, stress and weight gain. It is therefore not uncommon for a teenager (25% girls versus 10% for boys) to see stretch marks appear.

 3 / How to prevent and / or reduce stretch marks when they are present

In prevention or in treatment, the important thing is to hydrate your skin to allow it to maintain its elasticity.

Hydrated skin is supple, elastic skin that is less likely to crack.

It is therefore important to:
  • Moisturize your body from the inside = Drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day.
  • Hydrate your body from the outside = Use a serum rich in hydrating molecules.
    Without forgetting to
    • Manage stress = Have regular sports activities, do yoga, do meditation.
    • Eat a diversified diet = give pride of place to fruits and vegetables.

       4 / How to hydrate your skin?

      Je recommend you to use vegetable oils or butters for hydrate your skin as much as possible. Associated with theirs properties nourishing, the virtues regenerative oils and butters will reduce stretch marks or, in the best cases, make them disappear from the surface of your skin!
      Le serum V 

      The serum V is composed of cold extracted organic vegetable oils selected for their moisturizing and regenerating active ingredients. Without essential oil, it is suitable for hydrating the skin of pregnant women. 
      The botanical active ingredients, this serum have been chosen to promote the cell regeneration and maintain the elasticity of the skin. Retinol (provitamin A) present in Organic Rosehip oil is a powerful cell regenerant and promotes healing, ideal for stretch marks already present. Combined with the properties of Organic Avocado Oil moisturizing and firming, rich in sterols in particular, to fight against the appearance of stretch marks.
      HYDRALIA balm


      The Hydralia balm is meanwhile made with shea butter highly nutritious. It hydrates in PRofounder the skin. The terpene alcohols (lupeol, parkéol) and phytosterols present in its composition facilitates the cellular restructuring. It is associated with the’Organic Hemp and True Organic Lavender Oil for appease, regenerate and strengthen elasticity skin.
      Apply the serum or balm daily, 2 times a day, massaging your skin (prevention) and / or your stretch marks for 2 to 3 minutes.

      For old stretch marks, you can increase the effectiveness of the serum V by first applying aloe vera gel to your stretch marks to exfoliate the skin. Wait 1 to 2 minutes after its application then massage your stretch marks 2 to 3 minutes with the serum V.

      5 / Before starting your anti stretch mark treatments

      Here is one final recommendation:
      You will need some patience to mitigate yours stretch marks AND regularity in the application of your care. You will even need to redouble them if they are well installed. The results are sometimes visible after 1 month and other times after 6 to 10 months ... But it is worth it. Allow time for botanical assets to do their work in depth.



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