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The right tool and well-groomed skin that you will treat gently will ensure a unique shaving experience while helping to limit ingrown hairs and skin irritation. 

Equip yourself well!

Have a razor "sharp" and in good condition : Nothing worse than razors whose blades are worn or marked with rust. For a good shaving experience, you can definitely opt for a double-blade razor that you change regularly. It is not so much the number but the "quality" of your blades (not worn, not rusted) that will make the difference.

A suitable shaving technique to reduce inflammation, cuts and ingrown hairs.

Run your razor in the direction of the grain : from the top of the cheeks to the bottom of the neck, without pressing too much on your razor. You will thus limit the irritation caused by the repetitive use of the razor on the skin, the cuts due to worn blades and the ingrown hairs caused by the passage of the razor against the direction of the hairs.

For those who wish to make a second pass, Put a few drops of shaving oil on your skin and gently and lightly run the razor against the grain. Shaving against the grain is not recommended for sensitive and irritated skin. using advice : The shaving oil is not visible, it is advisable to start on one side of the face and go to the other side, passing through the top of the upper lip (mustache) then repeat the operation of the jawbone down the neck.


Optimize your shave with an organic shaving oil.

Wet your skin abundantly with very hot water (ideally shave when you get out of your shower): this will help soften the skin and open the pores, the hairs will soften which will facilitate the cut.

Generously apply organic shaving oil "01" over the entire area to be shaved, not excessively but enough so that your razor can glide over your skin without irritating it (don't forget your neck). Note : Prepare a container of very hot water to rinse your razor throughout the shaving.

Shave your skin by favoring the passage in the direction of the pile. According to your preference rinse your skin with clean water or dry it directly by patting gently with a towel so as not to irritate your skin.

Spray the soothing mist "02" of Organic Peppermint to tighten the pores of the skin and counterbalance the effect of hard water by quickly restoring the pH of your skin.

Finally, hydrate your skin by applying a moisturizing serum adapted to your skin type: "03M" for combination skin, "03G" for oily skin, "03S" for dry skin or "03M" for mature skin.

Should I use organic shaving oil alone or in addition to shaving foam or shaving soap?

Shaving oil can be used on its own as well as before your shaving foam or shaving soap. Our shaving oil is formulated to be suitable for Men who wish to use a shaving product without chemical preservatives, parabens, or substances derived from the petrochemical industry. It helps protect the hydrolipidic film when passing the razor blade and softens the hairs for a smoother shave that is less irritating to your skin.

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