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natural and organic moisturizing serum for children from 3 to 7 years


Until the age of 6-7 years, a child's skin is thinner and more fragile than that of an adult. It dries out more easily and is more sensitive to the external environment: pollution, detergents, sun, etc. We have therefore created a range of extremely gentle treatments without chemical agent and preservative. The natural and organic vegetable oils that we have selected are suitable for children.

For the face: Spray a little Organic Noble Chamomile Soothing Mist and apply a few drops of Natura serum. In winter before your outings or in case of very dry skin, apply a little balm in addition Hydralia.

For the body: apply after bath, body oil Nutricia on slightly damp skin or spray a little Organic Noble Chamomile Soothing Mist.