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Suitable ages and care


It is common to offer cosmetic treatment according to age ... And although that may correspond to a majority of us, we now realize that the state of our skin is mainly linked to our way of life and our environment. It is important that you take this last point into account more than your age when choosing the cosmetic and / or treating treatments that will suit you.

Not all skin ages the same. Beyond our genetic capital, which comes into play, we too often forget that our skin is the reflection of what it is experiencing: stress, lack of sleep, pollution, unbalanced diet, lack of physical activity, unsuitable cosmetic routines. see too aggressive etc. on which we can however act.

Remember to eat a balanced and diverse diet, drink enough water to hydrate your skin from the inside out, and opt for regular care rituals and natural serums concentrated in active ingredients that are beneficial for the skin.


At 20 years old: we CLEAN, HYDRATE and PROTECT our skin

To delay the effects of aging, it is essential to hydrate your skin properly. We adopt a simple routine but essential to his well-being.

CLEAN: we cleanse / remove make-up from our face, with gentle care, every evening, to allow our skin to regenerate during the night and to optimize the action of the care that we apply.

HYDRATE: we apply natural moisturizers according to their needs, whether normal, dry, combination, oily, reactive, sensitive, acne, etc.

PROTECT: we protect it from the effects of the sun with broad spectrum sun protection (UVA & UVB), which does not mean that we will not be able to have a beautiful tanned complexion!

Our treatments - Woman: SJASPE dry skin erumGAIA oily skin serum , IRIS combination skin serum

Our treatments - Men: 03S dry skin serumSoily skin erum 03G, Scombination skin erum 03M

Our hydrating body oil: Liscia Soothing Oil

Our care for problem skin: Acne Serum, Ep Psoriasis Serum, Scar Serum.


Between 30 and 50 years old: we TARGET care

The skin begins to mark ... all the more if you have not hydrated it enough in previous years, wear out and abuse exposure to the sun without protection. Cell renewal slows down and collagen production decreases. The skin renews itself and repairs itself less well. The first expression lines appear, but only scratch the surface of the skin.

We ASSOCIATED with our routine TARGETED CARE to act on emerging wrinkles, plump the skin, firm the tissues, with serums enriched with vegetable oil of argan, sea buckthorn, borage, macadamia and Regenerating Soothing Mists such as Geranium Rosat or True Lavender to boost the skin. If you have taken care of your skin regularly and you have hydrated it well, it will not be necessary to drastically change your routine and the choice of your serums.

Our cares - Women: SJASPE dry skin erumGAIA oily skin serum , IRIS combination skin serum

Our treatments - Men: 03S dry skin serumSoily skin erum 03G, Scombination skin erum 03M

Our care for problem skin: Stretch Mark SerumSerum CR Anti redness Couperose Rosacea, Acne Blemish Serum A, EP Soothing Eczema Psoriasis Serum


From the age of 50: we REGENERATE skin tissue

The hormonal changes that take place, menopause for women and andropause for men, act on our skin. An epidermis extremely dry can accompany the onset of menopause. What particularly characterizes the skin is a major decrease in the functioning of all the sebaceous glands (producing sebum), ie both the total number of active glands and the quantity of sebum produced. This loss of lipids leads to the breakdown of the outer layers of the skin and increases water loss, leading to dry and tight skin, with reduced elasticity and strength.

To overcome this, we therefore choose treatments that will participate in the REGENERATION OF THE CELLS of our skin. It is important to make up for the deficiencies induced by hormonal changes with cosmetic treatments rich in omega 3 & 6, vitamins E and essential fatty acids which are lacking with age. Vegetable oils are precious allies to restore shape, tone and elasticity to your skin.

Favor gentle, firming and moisturizing treatments. Remove make-up from your skin with leave-in cleansers and soothing mists (avoid using soap). Use treatments enriched with evening primrose oil, borage, sea buckthorn, rich in Omega 6, triterpenes and sterols to fight against aging and dehydration of the skin.

Our cares : SAZUR mature woman skin erumSmature man skin erum 03A.

To conclude, the hydration of the skin starts from the inside, drink regularly (at least 1.5 liters per day), adapt your skincare routine to the condition of your skin and the seasons of the year.

Trust nature, it brings you what is best for you. If you would like beauty advice tailored to your needs, do not hesitate to contact us by email,, or on our Facebook page, we will be happy to listen to you and answer you.

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