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Spring & Beauty routine


The arrival of spring pushes us to do big housework to put our homes in order, but what about putting our beauty routine in order? Balanced skin is about investing time in understanding the changes our skin goes through each season. If you don't know where to start, maybe a little checklist will help you put everything back in order!

Know your skin type

Would you like to adapt your skincare routine but are not sure you know your skin type well? No problem ! You can use our skin diagnostic tool to get to the bottom of it. You just have to answer a few questions and we will email you our advice afterwards. As easy as that!

Gentle exfoliation

Exfoliating your skin helps reduce the buildup of dead cells. Although skin exfoliation should be practiced throughout the year, spring is the ideal season to be more constant at this level. Well-exfoliated skin also means a radiant complexion! Who says gentle exfoliation, prefer clay masks or textures with very small grains and apply them gently, also says exfoliation once a month or even every 15 days for combination / oily skin, but not every week ! 

Change your daily care

If the arrival of good weather changes the condition of your skin, it is also a sign that it is time to change your daily care. For example, if you have combination skin and have opted for a more nourishing serum during the winter such as Serum Jasper (dry skin) in order to fight the aggressions of the wind and the biting cold, it will be very possible that you will have to return to the serum Iris (combination skin), unless it's fair to stop the balm Hydralia. Listening to your skin, it will help you make the right choices. Otherwise contact us, we will be happy to help you:

The important thing is to opt for lighter textures and ingredients that will bring radiance to your complexion after a harsh winter.

The ingredients to favor

In the spring our goal is to opt for anti-aging and lightening ingredients such as: sea buckthorn oil, borage oil, ho wood oil and all vegetable oils that naturally contain the vitamin. A and C.

Add sunscreen to your routine

Spring gives us a taste of the summer to come. Nature is blooming, the weather is warming up and the luminosity is more present. This also means more exposure to the sun! Oxidative stress related to the sun's rays is the main cause of aging of the skin. Protect yourself properly to avoid dark spots or more serious skin problems.

Adapt your makeup

Since the condition of your skin is likely to change, adapt your makeup as well. Opt for lighter textures or even formulas allowing better sebum control, mineral makeup is ideal in this case.


We wish you a sweet and bright spring.



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