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A real booster, this serum helps cell renewal in the skin to restore its radiance and elasticity. It densifies the skin leaving fine lines and wrinkles less visible. Its richness in vitamins provides effective anti-oxidant protection. Concentrated hydration, it deeply nourishes the skin.

This light, silky-textured serum will maintain the balance and suppleness of your skin. Ideally composed to quickly penetrate into the epidermis, it leaves a smooth and silky effect without a greasy effect. 

Made from 100% organic and wild oils with specific properties for very dry and / or mature skin. It is a complete care, to be used alone, morning and evening.

Bottle with pipette // Slightly flowery scent

Before using any cosmetic product, we recommend that you read the "Warning" section below.


Your skin is

... soft and plumped: Macadamia oil repairs and regenerates skin cells to fight against aging cells. It nourishes the skin in depth and thus contributes to the maintenance of the hydrolipidic film of the skin. Its fatty acid composition is very close to that of sebum. 

... supple and tonic: Borage oil is calming and soothing for dryness, redness and itching of the skin. It brings suppleness, elasticity, tone to dry and mature skin. 

... regenerated: Pumpkin seed oil is a powerful anti-aging agent due to its high rate of unsaturated fatty acids, selenium and vitamin E. It is also used for its lifting power.

Characteristics of mature skin

Your skin is

... dry and often sensitive: redness, irritation, peeling

... with deeper wrinkles

... less firm: it has lost its tone

... with a duller complexion and pigment spots may begin to appear

Usage tips 

Apply 2 or 3 drops, morning and / or evening, depending on the needs of your skin. 

You can also alternate with a treating serum as needed (morning: serum "AZUR" and evening: serum treating rosacea / rosacea "Cr" for example). 

 MORNING : ideally spray a "Soothing Organic Mist of True Lavender" (hydrosol) on your face (2 to 3 sprays) then apply your serum  "AZURE"(2 or 3 drops) on the whole face. 

EVENING : cleanse / remove make-up from your face with the treatment "Hypnos"From the Odénium range then spray a "Organic Soothing Mist of True Lavender"(hydrosol) on your face and apply your serum "AZURE" or your treating serum.

Note: In case your skin does not require serum at night, remember to dry your skin after spraying the Soothing Mist. 

Consult our kits created to best suit your skin and facilitate your daily care.


Macadamia Nut Oil * (Macadamia Ternifolia) - Borage Oil * (Borago Officinalis) - Pumpkin Seed Oil* (Cucurbita Pepo) - Jojoba oil * (Simmondsia chinensis) - Ho wood bark essential oil ** (Cinnamomum camphora linalooliferum wood) - Bitter orange Petitgrain oil * (Citrus aurantium amara) - Vitamin E.

* ORGANIC certified

** wild plants

All our products are free from synthetic fragrances and emulsifiers, dyes, synthetic preservatives (parabens, phenoxyethanol), GMOs and petrochemicals (mineral oils, paraffin, silicone, PEG). Not tested on animals.


WARNING (1) : Although our treatments are formulated with natural and organic oils, it is your responsibility to consult the list of ingredients in detail in order to verify that it does not contain any plant or other substance to which you may be allergic. If you have allergies (including food allergies) on one or more plants used in our serums, it is not recommended to use this treatment.

Before using any cosmetic product, we recommend that you do a skin test: apply 1 drop to the crease of the elbow and wait 24 hours to check that there are no allergic reactions.

WARNING (2) : These properties, indications and methods of use are taken from reference books or websites in aromatherapy, hydrolatherapy and phytotherapy. They are found there on a regular basis and many of them are confirmed by observations in a scientific environment. However, this information is given for informational purposes, it can in no way constitute medical information, nor engage our responsibility. For any use of essential oils, hydrosols and plants or plant powders for therapeutic purposes, consult a doctor.


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