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MY TAILOR-MADE CARE RITUAL for oily acne-prone skin



Shine, dull complexion, large pores, blackheads and imperfections (pimples), your skin is out of balance.
Not only does your skin always produce more sebum because it lacks hydration and thus compensates for its vulnerability to external elements (wind, cold, pollution)
but in addition it ignites and lets appear unsightly buttons.
It is therefore important to properly hydrate oily skin with products adapted to its specificities while providing it with anti-inflammatory and anti-infectious active ingredients.
Choose serums specifically formulated for oily skin based on non-comedogenic and non-occlusive vegetable oils, and avoid the use of cleansers and strippers that deteriorate the hydrolipidic film of the skin and stimulate the production of sebum.



Discover your personalized ODENIUM skincare ritual to rebalance your skin, the objective being to purify the skin while moisturizing it properly to limit sebum production and tighten pores.


Step unmissable of your skin care routine evening. It prepares the skin before applying moisturizers. The skin is freed from impurities accumulated during the day for better regeneration of epidermal cells.
 *** The cleansing treatment Hypnos removes makeup, dirt and impurities while leaving a protective hydrating film on your skin. It is specially designed to gently cleanse the face and eyes. Alcohol-free, it preserves the hydrolipidic film of the skin.

Complementary step in cleaning your skin, it is essential to rebalance and restore the pH of the skin. It promotes the assimilation of the active principles of care by the epidermis. Vaporize  morning and evening a few "sprinkles" of mist on your face.
*** The Soothing mist of Organic Peppermint is invigorating, soothing, but above all purifying: The precious ally for oily acne skin.


Concentrate of natural active ingredients Carefully selected to meet the specific needs of your skin, the serum penetrates quickly to deeply nourish the epidermis. Use it, the morning, for a hydrating action.
Although it is formulated to meet all the hydration needs of oily skin and therefore be used on its own, you can also choose to drop a few drops in your regular cream to apply it on your face.
*** The serum Gaia preserves the hydration of your skin in depth while filling and plumping emerging wrinkles. It helps regulate sebum production and tightens skin pores to even out skin tone while reducing dark spots. Non-comedogenic, it restores radiance and luminosity to your skin. 


The evening, help your skin fight against imperfections by applying a serum essentially composed of anti-infectious and anti-inflammatory active ingredients to cleanse the skin.

In case of severe acne, use it morning and evening instead of Gaïa serum and when your skin is more soothed, resume the routine with Gaïa serum in the morning and serum A in the evening.

*** The serum AT reduces the appearance, frequency and duration of inflammation while unifying your complexion and improving your skin texture.





Step 5:

During the winter period, cold and temperature differences further alter your hydrolipidic film. Your skin becomes more dry and dehydrated. It also becomes rougher. It may then be necessary to choose a moisturizer in the higher category richer in soothing and nourishing molecules.

In summer, replace it during the day with sun protection to protect the skin from the harmful effects of the sun and use in the evening to soothe sunburns.

*** Apply immediately after your serum, the evening, a very small amount of balm Hydralia that you melt beforehand between your fingers.

If needed, you can also use it the morning or during the day during your outdoor activities (skiing, walking, hiking, etc.). It is also excellent for your lips and your hands.

The shea butter and true lavender present in the balm will help strengthen the actions of serum A. These 2 active ingredients are anti-inflammatory which is perfect for reducing redness and even reducing the growth of pimples. In addition, shea butter has regenerating virtues that will help reduce the marks of scars, due to pimples, and protect against the sun the false friend of acne-prone skin.
Contrary to popular belief, shea butter is not comedogenic if it is good quality: raw, undeodorized and unbleachedi, cold extracted to keep all of its active ingredients.





Every fortnight, preferably in the evening, you can do a gentle exfoliation (if possible without grain, in gentle circular massages) followed by the application of a hydrating mask and a moisturizer.

Exfoliation or scrub aims to remove dead cells from the surface of the skin, dislodge impurities and unclog pores. It stimulates cell renewal and facilitates the penetration of treatments applied thereafter. The complexion is brighter and the skin regains its softness.
However, he weakens the hydrolipidic film which ensures the protection of your skin. It is for this reason that'it is better to do it in the evening, the skin is less exposed to pollutants and external aggressions. It must be follow ideally with a hydrating mask and necessarily a serum to protect the skin and help it rebuild its protective barrier.
A good option:
The maskssebum-regulating, purifying and mattifying green clay, are a good option for oily skin.
As the clay works by absorption mechanism (sebum) and adsorption (attracts and binds to impurities), it is preferable not to leave it on for more than 10 min to avoid drying out the skin and deteriorate the hydrolipidic film. Rinse off your clay mask before it is completely dry, when edges start to dry around the face and eye area and around the edges of the nose and lips. Apply your serum as well as a little moisturizing shea balm.



Opt for a mineral powder foundation of the color of your skin to avoid a delineation with the neck. It is ideal for oily skin because its non-greasy powdery texture sublimate the complexion while perfectly taming shine. It absorbs sebum and its coverage is modular. Avoid excessively covering foundations and BB creams which clog the pores of the skin which promotes the occurrence of blackheads and pimples.

Enhance your cheekbones with a powder blush in mat or iridescent finish. Healthy glow guaranteed!

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