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In less than a month, the cold season will give way to milder, warmer temperatures. The buds will slowly start to come out and the flowers will also appear. This breath of fresh air that we all look forward to, however, is a more difficult time for the skin. Indeed, she finds herself disoriented and out of order and it is at this same moment that the blackheads take advantage of it to show the tip of their nose.

Fortunately, there are several simple and natural ways to help your skin get through this tough ordeal in addition to giving it back the radiance it deserves. We share our most valuable knowledge with you in this article.

But first,


Blackheads and sebaceous filaments are often confused. We understand the confusion since they have several similarities. However, it is important to differentiate them in order to be able to treat them appropriately. We explain how to make the distinction:

Blackheads (also called open comedones)

  • The black dots are pores clogged with a mixture sebum, dirt and dead skin cells. Being in direct contact with the air, this cork oxidizes, creating a visible brown, almost black stain.
  • We find them on the surface of the skin and most of the time on the famous “T zone” of the face (the forehead, the nose and the chin).
  • When you press them (which you shouldn't do, but you can't help it), it comes out a white/yellow body with a black tip having the shape of a granular plug.

    Blackheads are an occasional problem that can be solved.

    The sebaceous filaments

    • The sebaceous filaments are a natural structure present in every pore of our face. More specifically, they are small channels that transport sebum to the surface of the skin to give the face its natural hydration. They are therefore completely normal and even required.
    • They are implanted deep in the skin and are present in everyone. On the other hand, they are more visible on oily skin or those with large pores.
    • When pressed, one comes out clear sebum column, greyish or yellowish in colour.

        Although a natural occurrence, sebaceous filaments can turn into blackheads. 

        It is possible to diminish their appearance, but you cannot get rid of them.

        points noirs - filaments sébacés - acné - blackheads - sebaceous filaments - acne

        As you can see, sebum is a key element at the origin of blackheads AND sebaceous filaments. However, it is not harmful in itself. Sebum is the natural oil of the skin, it is part of the composition of the hydrolipidic film, a film whose role is to protect the skin against external aggressions and dehydration.

        However, "excessive" production of sebum promotes the appearance of blackheads. Let's see how to regulate its production to prevent and treat our little undesirables.


        Exfoliation. Cleaning. Hydration. The 3 key words during a change of season. These 3 actions will help prevent blackheads and restore radiance to your skin. There are many ways to achieve this, but here are the natural treatments that we prefer, those that we recommend to you:

        Step 1: The steam bath (once a month)

        The steam bath or facial sauna has been used for centuries to deeply cleanse the skin. If you've never done it, don't worry, the method is super simple:

        bain de vapeur pour le visage - facial steam bath
        1. Cleanse your face with a mild cleanser to remove all traces of makeup or surface dirt.

        2. Boil water and pour it into a large bowl. You can also add a few drops of essential oils. Rosat geranium is excellent for fighting blackheads.

        3. Lean your face and place it above the bowl at a comfortable distance, about 15 cm for oily skin and 30 cm for dry skin. Make sure the steam isn't too hot for this one. 

        4. Cover your head with a towel to trap and concentrate the heat.

        5. Stay like this for 5 to 10 minutes. 

        In addition to feeling like a spa, steam has many benefits for your skin. It opens the pores allowing 2 things: the first being to release the impurities and the bacteria which obstruct them. The second is to allow facial care products to penetrate more easily afterwards.

        Sensitive skin, prone to couperose rosacea or eczema should however avoid using it because it activates blood circulation and risks further weakening your skin.


        Step 2: Cleaning with the konjac sponge

        Thanks to the steam bath, your pores are now open. This is the perfect time to cleanse your face with a konjac sponge. Why a konjac sponge more than a normal sponge?

        - It cleans deeply, but gently. It eliminates impurities, excess sebum and dead cells, without irritating the skin which may be more sensitive following the sauna.

        - It is naturally alkaline, which helps to balance the pH of the skin.

        - The sponge is made from the Konjac plant. It is environmentally friendly, 100% biodegradable and compostable.

        - It is possible to find a konjac sponge infused with ingredients suitable for your skin type.


        Again, it's very simple: wet your sponge with lukewarm water, and massage your face and neck in circular motions. Rinse your face with cold water and wring out the sponge to air dry.


        Step 3: Clay masks (once every 1 or 2 weeks)

        Clay is a beauty asset with many virtues. A natural ingredient from the erosion of rocks, it comes in several colors, each with its own characteristics and benefits. Before we tell them apart, here's what all types of clays have in common:

        masque argile pour le visage - clay face mask

        - The clay is detoxifyingIt absorbs excess sebum and captures impurities, dead skin and toxins from the skin, thus cleansing it deeply, but again gently. Another natural way to get rid of clogged pores and blackheads.

          - She is remineralizing. Clay is rich in minerals. Once the mask is applied, these minerals are absorbed into the skin and help nourish and strengthen it. The result: healthy, glowing skin.

            - The clay is regenerating. As long as the clay mask is moist, it hydrates the skin and promotes skin renewal.

            Detoxifying, remineralizing and regenerating. Are you convinced by its benefits as much as we are? Want to incorporate clay masks into your routine? There are still a few things to know before…

            1. As mentioned above, clay comes in different colors and each of them has specific benefits. It's important to choose the one that suits your skin type.

              - Green clay is purifying, mattifying and very absorbent. It is recommended for oily and acne-prone skin.

              - White clay is softening and revitalizing. She is recommended for normal and dry skin, since it has a low water absorption capacity.

              - Pink clay is soft, soothing and regenerating. It is ideal for sensitive, irritated and dull skin. 

              2. Do NOT let the clay mask dry on your faceDo not wait for it to dry to remove it. On the contrary, for it to be effective and for you to benefit from its properties, the clay must remain moist. Apply a thick layer and spray it with water during the break time!

              3. Following the removal of the clay mask, hydrate your skin. We give you our advice for choosing the right product for your skin type a little later in this article.

                        Combination and oily skin can make a clay mask once a week, dry and sensitive skin every 15 days.

                        These treatments, all natural and gentle on your skin, can be performed one after the other or separately. Here are some ways to combine them:

                        - Sauna + Konjac + Mask
                        - Sauna + Mask
                        - Sauna + Konjac
                        - Clay mask alone
                        - Konjac alone


                        Step 4: Moisturize with products suited to your skin type

                        Whether your skin is oily, combination, sensitive or dry, it is essential to hydrate it. A serum well suited to your skin type nourishes it properly and helps it regulate its sebum production, thus reducing the appearance of plugs and blackheads.

                        The hydrolipidic film is a concept to master to understand how serums can regulate sebum production for different skin types.

                        As mentioned above “the hydrolipidic film is a thin layer composed mainly of water, sweat and sebum covering the entire surface of the skin. It acts as a shield by defending it against bacteria and pollutants. It also keeps the skin healthy and hydrated by preventing water from evaporating from the surface of the skin.”

                        For normal skin… the hydrolipidic film is intact and sebum is produced in optimal quantities. The skin is supple and pleasant and it is protected from external factors.

                        In the case of dry skin… the hydrolipidic film is altered. The skin does not produce enough sebum and the latter lacks lipids. Thus, the water naturally present in the skin evaporates more than normal. The serum chosen must provide a complement with so-called nourishing and more “occlusive” oils to support the constitution of the hydrolipidic film.

                        For oily skin… the hydrolipidic film is unbalanced, but this time by an excessive production of sebum. The production of sebum opens the pores and in this case, they open too much, thus creating blackheads. It is therefore necessary to use products that will restore the balance of the skin, light moisturizing products.

                        To know your skin type, you can complete our “skin diagnosis” right here → skin diagnosis.

                        The serum to choose according to your skin type

                        Dry skin
                        the skin barrier is reinforced with nourishing treatments that also protect against dehydration, such as avocado and argan oil.

                        👉🏻 *** The Serum Jasper (for women) or serum 03S (for men) 

                        Combination / normal skin
                        we help regulate sebum production where it's needed with mattifying and nourishing treatments. We love the presence of grapeseed oil for its exfoliating action which refines skin texture and limits blackheads.

                        👉🏻 *** the serum Iris or the serum 03M 

                        Oily skin
                        moisturize your skin to regulate sebum production. We choose purifying botanical active ingredients (Ho wood and sea buckthorn) which help to tighten pores such as grapeseed oil.

                        👉🏻 *** the serum Gaia or the serum 03G

                        Acne skin
                        combination and oily skin are more prone to inflammation (acne pimples). In this case, integrating a serum with antibacterial active ingredients into your beauty routine in the evening and/or morning may be a good option. 

                        👉🏻 *** the serum A 


                        serum hydratant visage - face serum

                        We repeat, in this time of transition, your skin needs a little more love than usual. It's the season for blackheads, but it's also the season for exfoliation, cleansing and hydration. At Odénium, we believe that simplicity, nature and softness are the best solutions for healthy skin.

                        Feel free to apply these few tips throughout the year! Your skin will only be brighter.



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