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Dermatitis such as eczema and psoriasis are inflammatory skin diseases of allergic, chronic or acute origin and are not contagious. Symptoms can include itching, redness, fine blisters and scales which can come and go and can be well controlled with appropriate moisturizers.

The "Ep" serum is a synergy of 100% natural and organic emollient, regenerating, anti-inflammatory and healing oils that:

  • Reduce inflammation and itching;
  • Restore the lipid barrier of the skin.


This light, silky serum maintains the balance and radiance of your skin by promoting its moisturization. The emollient and anti-inflammatory action of the vegetable oils contributes to healthier skin by:

  • Improving its appearance and comfort;
  • Promoting cell renewal.


This serum is quickly absorbed, leaving a smooth, silky and non-greasy feel.

Pipette bottle / Slightly flowery scent

Not recommended for pregnant women.

Before using any skincare product, we recommend that you read the "warning" section below.


Your skin will become:

  • More flexible and calm: Hemp and Evening Primrose oil are known for their soothing, calming and protective properties. The omega 3 and 6 content of one, and the gallic and gamma-linoleic acid of the other, give them undeniable restorative properties. They fight against dehydration and thus help maintain the skin's hydrolipidic layer. We combine them with Borage oil for its reconstructive properties of cell membranes.
  • Healthier and more radiant: Black Seed oil and Tamanu oil are known for treating skin problems. They are anti-inflammatory, anti-infectious and healing. They purify the skin.

Eczema / Psoriasis characteristics

Eczema and psoriasis are not contagious and symptoms can come and go. Although there is no treatment to cure either condition, it is possible to reduce symptom recurrences by using appropriate moisturizers.

Eczema is pruriginous dermatitis characterized by:

  • Red patches (inflammation of the skin)
  • Itchiness
  • Crust patches on the surface of the skin,
  • Small, oozing blisters (vesicles) and
  • Dry skin.


Eczema most commonly occurs on the hands, feet, face, neck and folds of the limbs.

Psoriasis is characterized by:

  • Red and dry patches that flake off (a kind of dry skin or white crust patches).


These plaques usually show up on the face, elbows, knees and scalp but can appear on many different areas of the body. Psoriasis is caused by skin cell renewal occurring too quickly: every 3 or 4 days instead of once per month. This quick renewal causes the skin to become thicker, with too many layers, one on top of the other (although the lifespan of the skin cells remains the same).

Directions for use

Place 2 or 3 drops on your fingertips. Apply morning and / or evening to affected areas (face / body) depending on the needs of your skin. Do not put on your eyes.

MORNING: Spritz some Chamomile mist (hydrosol) onto your face (2 to 3 spritzes), then apply some Ep serum to the affected areas and a serum suitable for your skin type (2 or 3 drops) to the rest of your face.

EVENING: Cleanse / remove make-up from your face with our Hydros cleanser / make-up remover, then spritz some Chamomile mist (hydrosol) onto your face, followed by 2 or 3 drops of a serum suitable for your skin type on the rest of your face.

Note: If your skin doesn’t require serum in the evening, gently dry your skin (with a tissue, for example) after spritzing your mist.

We recommend the Geranium mist (hydrosol) for psoriasis and the Chamomile mist (hydrosol) for eczema.

Optimize your daily skincare routine with our skincare kits (duos and trios) that have been combined for your skin type.


Tamanu oil* (Calophylum Inophylum) - Hemp oil* (Cannabis Sativa) - Evening Primrose oil* (Oenothera Biennis) - Nigella oil* (Nigella Sativa) - Borage oil* (Borago Officinalis) - True Lavender essential oil* (Lavandula angustifolia) - vitamin E.

* Certifiied ORGANIC

We primarily select oils certified "organic" by ECOCERT, PRO CERT, QUEBEC VRAI or oils produced from "wild" plants, that is, plants grown on wild lands where they are not exposed to synthetic pesticides.

Obtaining organic certification is very expensive and some small local producers who work according to the standards of organic certification cannot finance this labeling. We work with trusted producers who are not certified but who respect traditional cultivation methods without the use of pesticides or chemical ingredients. In such cases, we make note of this on our product information pages.

All our products are free of synthetic fragrances and emulsifiers, dyes, synthetic preservatives (parabens, phenoxyethanol), GMOs and petrochemicals (mineral oils, paraffin, silicone, PEG). Not tested on animals.


WARNING (1): Although our treatments are formulated with natural and organic oils, it is your responsibility to consult the list of ingredients in detail to verify that it does not contain any plant or other substances to which you may be allergic. If you have allergies (including food allergies) to any plants used in one of our products, we recommended that you not use the product.

Before using any skincare product, we recommend that you first do a skin test: Apply 1 drop of the product to the crease of your elbow and wait 24 hours to verify that there are no allergic reactions.

WARNING (2): These properties, indications and modes of use are taken from aromatherapy, hydrolatherapy and phytotherapy reference books or websites, many of which have been confirmed by observation in a scientific environment. However, this information is provided for informational purposes only and in no way constitutes medical information nor medical advice. For any therapeutic use of essential oils, floral waters, plants or plant powders, please first consult a medical doctor.



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