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Although aromatherapy is new to some, the practice has a long history dating back to AD 100. According to the Alliance of International Aromatherapists, many researchers attribute the use of distilled essential oils to the Persians in their healing practices in the 10th century.

The history of aromatherapy can also be found in Egyptian culture where resins, balms and scented oils were used by priests for religious ceremonies, offerings and embalming. At the same time, aromatic oils were used in Ayurvedic practices in China and India.

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However, as modern medicine continues to evolve today, many are returning to aromatherapy to reap its many benefits. This practice is known for its psychological and physical benefits.

According to the essential oil, aromatherapy can help improve mood, promote relaxation, and reduce stress. Additionally, this practice can boost the immune system, relieve muscle tension, and stimulate circulation.

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At Odénium, we use essential oils in our formulas not only for their effective active ingredients but also, to offer you a most intoxicating olfactory experience!

With the start of the school year, the return to work in person and the health situation, let's say that many of us need to reduce their stress in order to regain overall well-being.

Know that many of our moisturizing serums contain essential oils that will help you nourish your skin well while helping you reduce your stress through smell.

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Serum Iris contains among others, ylang-ylang essential oil which is widely used for many body treatments, but its effectiveness on the nervous system is particularly interesting in stress management.
Ylang-ylang plays a regulating role, it calms nervous tension and may help if you tend to be very anxious.

        Iris suitable for normal and combination skin for a luminous complexion.

Serum Azur on its side contains Bigarade essential oil which is known for its calming properties, to facilitate relaxation and reduce stress. It is one of the best oils for combating stress.

        Azur is formulated for mature skin in need of deep hydration.

Serum Jasper, with his Ho wood essential oil brings relaxation and appeasement. Its relaxing and anti-stress action are particularly interesting in cases of nervous fatigue, intellectual overwork, sleep disorders or depressive disorders (latent depression, anxiety or anxiety).

        Jasper suitable for dry skin that it nourishes for supple and comfortable skin.

As for Gaia, especially with theBigarade petit grain essential oil, which we no longer present will allow you to benefit from its calming and relaxing action to soothe your mind and dissipate daily tensions

        Gaia suitable for oily skin, it regulates sebum production for a radiant complexion.

Mix 2 to 3 drops in your hands and inhale deeply before applying your serum to your face.

In conclusion

odenium et aromatherapie

Your daily Odénium skincare routine nourishes your skin and allows you to enjoy the benefits of essential oils in the process😊😊




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