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Choosing your Cosmetics


Cosmetic treatments are often recommended according to age. And although following those recommendations may be appropriate for most individuals, the condition of your skin is mostly a reflection of your way of life and your environment. It is important that you place greater importance on this than your age when choosing your cosmetics and / or treatments.

Not everyone’s skin ages the same. Genetics aside, the condition of your skin is often a reflection of lifestyle factors and exposure: stress, lack of sleep, pollution, an unbalanced diet, lack of physical activity and an inappropriate skincare routine, etc.

Remember to eat a balanced and diverse diet, drink enough water to keep your skin hydrated and stick to a regular skincare routine. Use natural serums that are concentrated with active ingredients that are beneficial for your skin.

In your 20s:  CLEANSE, MOISTURIZE and PROTECT your skin

To delay the effects of aging, it is crucial to properly moisturize your skin. Follow a simple yet essential routine: 

CLEANSE: Gently remove make-up and cleanse your face each evening to optimize the effects of the skincare products you apply afterward and to allow your skin to regenerate during the night.

MOISTURIZE: Apply natural moisturizers suited to your skin type: normal, dry, combination, oily, sensitive, acne, etc.

PROTECT: Protect your skin with broad-spectrum sun protection (UVA & UVB). Protecting your skin doesn’t mean you can’t also have a beautiful, tanned complexion!

Recommended products:

- Women: Dry skin serum JASPEOily skin serum GAIA , Combination skin serum IRIS

- Men: Dry skin serum 03SOily skin serum 03G, Combination skin serum 03M.

Moisturizing body oil: Liscia Soothing Oil.

Between the ages of 30 and 50: use TARGETED skincare

These are the decades when your skin begins to show signs of aging… all the more so if you didn’t hydrate it well or it was exposed to the sun without adequate protection during previous years. Cell renewal slows down, collagen production decreases and expression lines become visible.

Use TARGETED CARE for wrinkles that are now starting to show and to plumpen and firm your skin. Serums enriched with argan, sea buckthorn, borage and macadamia oils and regenerating mists like Geranium Rosat and True Lavender will give your skin a boost. If you have consistently taken good care of your skin and moisturized it well, you won’t need to drastically change your skincare routine or your choice of serums.

Recommended products:

- Women: JASPE dry skin serumGAIA oily skin serum , IRIS combination skin serum

- Men: dry skin serum 03Soily skin serum 03G, combination skin serum 03M.

Moisturizing body oil: Liscia Soothing Oil.

From the age of 50 onward: REGENERATE skin tissue

The hormonal changes, menopause for women and andropause for men, significantly impact the condition of your skin. An extremely dry epidermis can accompany the onset of menopause. There is a major decrease in the functioning of all the sebaceous glands (those that produce sebum), that is, both the total number of active glands and the quantity of sebum produced by them. This loss of lipids contributes to the breakdown of the outer layers of the skin and increases water loss, leading to dry, tight skin with reduced elasticity and strength.

To overcome these changes, we recommend treatments that will help REGENERATE YOUR SKIN CELLS. It’s important to counteract deficiencies caused by hormonal changes with cosmetic treatments rich in Omegas 3 & 6, vitamins E and essential fatty acids. Vegetable oils are precious allies to restore the shape, tone and elasticity to your skin.

Choose gentle, firming and moisturizing treatments. Remove make-up with leave-in cleansers and mists (avoid using soap). Use treatments enriched with evening primrose oil, borage, sea buckthorn, which are rich in Omega 6, triterpenes and sterols to fight against skin aging and dehydration.

Recommended products:



Moisturizing your skin starts from the inside. Be sure to drink plenty of water regularly (at least 1.5 litres per day) and to adjust your skincare routine to the condition of your skin and the seasons of the year.

Trust nature; it has everything you need. If you would like skincare advice that is customized for your needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us by email: or via our Facebook Page. It’s our pleasure to help you look and feel your best.