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Bottle: 15 ml

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All in one serum: moisturizing, nourishing, aftershave and beard care.


Specifically formulated to meet the needs of dry male skin (uncomfortable, tight and sensitive skin), this serum can be used alone morning and evening. Ideally composed to quickly penetrate into the epidermis, it leaves a smooth and silky effect without a greasy effect.

Light and silky, this serum will maintain the balance and suppleness of your skin. It quickly penetrates the epidermis, leaving a smooth, velvety and non-greasy feeling. 

Made from 100% organic and wild oils with specific properties for dry skin. It’s a complete treatment, to be used alone, morning and evening. 

Another advantage of this treatment: its composition is suitable for nourishing and softening beard hairs while moisturizing dry facial skin even under the beard and thus creating the conditions for healthier hair growth.

Pipette bottle // Slightly woody scent 

Before using any skincare product, we recommend that you read the "warning" section below.


Your skin will become: 

Brighter: Avocado oil deeply nourishes and revitalizes the epidermis. Combined with  hemp oil, this serum protects against environmental aggressors (wind, cold, sun, etc.). It restores elasticity and comfort and is appropriate for even the most fragile skin.  

More supple and plump: Argan oil repairs and regenerates the cells of the epidermis to fight against skin aging. The firming and softening virtues of argan oil will give your skin a smooth and soft appearance. 

Smoother and softer: Jojoba oil, which is actually a liquid wax, penetrates deep into your skin without leaving a greasy film on the surface. Its composition, very similar to human sebum, helps regulate sebum production and protects your skin from dehydration.

Characteristics of dry skin

  • Uncomfortable: It feels particularly tight after having been in contact with water (shower, swimming pool) and shows signs of desquamation (peeling skin). 
  • Sensitive and reactive (redness): It is sensitive to changes in the weather (heat, cold, wind etc.) and pollution.  
  • Has a fine texture: Fine lines appear earlier than on other skin types. 


The hydrolipidic layer made up of sebum (sebaceous glands) and water (sweat glands and atmospheric water) is too thin and no longer protects the skin.

Directions for use 

Apply 2 or 3 drops, morning and / or evening, depending on the needs of your skin.  

You can also alternate with a treating serum as needed. In the morning: moisturizing serum "03S" and in the evening: treating serum Couperose "C" for example.


FOLLOW RITUAL 01, 02 and 03 of the Men Odénium range

- after shaving your skin with shaving oil "01" 
- spray the organic aftershave with Peppermint "02" on your face (2 to 3 sprays) and
- apply the serum "03S" (2 or 3 drops) on the whole face.

- clean your face with the surgras soap without rinsing "HYPNOS"from our range then,
- spray the organic aftershave with Peppermint "02"on your face to rebalance the pH of your skin then,

- apply your serum "03S" or your treating serum. You can also decide not to put anything on your skin overnight.

Note: If your skin doesn’t require serum at night, remember to dry your skin after spritzing a mist.  

Optimize your daily skincare routine with our skincare kits (duos and trios) that have been combined for your skin type.


Argan Oil * (Argania Spinosa) - Hemp Oil * (Cannabis Sativa) - Avocado Oil* (Persea Gratissima) - Jojoba oil * (Simmondsia chinensis) - Blue cypress oil ** (Callitris intratropica wood) - Vitamin E.

* Certified ORGANIC, ** Wild plants

We primarily select oils certified "organic" by ECOCERT, PRO CERT, QUEBEC VRAI or oils produced from "wild" plants, that is, plants grown on wild lands where they are not exposed to synthetic pesticides.

Obtaining organic certification is very expensive and some small local producers who work according to the standards of organic certification cannot finance this labeling. We work with trusted producers who are not certified but who respect traditional cultivation methods without the use of pesticides or chemical ingredients. In such cases, we make note of this on our product information pages.

All our products are free of synthetic fragrances and emulsifiers, dyes, synthetic preservatives (parabens, phenoxyethanol), GMOs and petrochemicals (mineral oils, paraffin, silicone, PEG). Not tested on animals.


WARNING (1) : Although our treatments are formulated with natural and organic oils, it is your responsibility to consult the list of ingredients in detail to verify that it does not contain any plant or other substances to which you may be allergic. If you have allergies (including food allergies) to any plants used in one of our products, we recommended that you not use the product.

Before using any skincare product, we recommend that you first do a skin test: Apply 1 drop of the product to the crease of your elbow and wait 24 hours to verify that there are no allergic reactions. 

WARNING (2) : These properties, indications and modes of use are taken from aromatherapy, hydrolatherapy and phytotherapy reference books or websites, many of which have been confirmed by observation in a scientific environment. However, this information is provided for informational purposes only and in no way constitutes medical information nor medical advice. For any therapeutic use of essential oils, floral waters, plants or plant powders, please first consult a medical doctor.

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Obligatoire tous les matins

Je l'utilise tous les matins, quelques gouttes sur la main que j'applique sur le front, le nez, la machoire et ma peau ne tire plus, particulierement en hiver. Top!