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It is important to identify your skin type in order to provide it with the care that suits it. Our routine and our cosmetic treatments must be different from one skin type to another ... at the risk of having results contrary to those desired.

We will cover in our post today:



The type of skin is determined by the quality and quantity of our hydrolipidic film. The latter consists of Sebum (which limits the loss of water from our cells, helps fight against pathogenic germs and bacteria), Sweat and Water (which regulates heat, deeply hydrates the skin and determines the pH of the skin).

There are 4 main types of skin: normal, oily, combination, dry. Each skin type is recognizable by its own specificities.

Normal skin: the ideal skin type

      The skin is neither too dry nor too oily. She does not pull or blush at exterior changes. Her skin texture is tight and her complexion is luminous. The quality of the hydrolipidic film is optimal. You still have to think about hydrating it to preserve its capital.

      Dry skin: skin that needs nourishment

      The skin tightens, flakes, reddens easily at external changes. Its symptoms are linked to an insufficient production of sebum or a lack of lipids, not to be confused with dehydrated skin which corresponds to a lack of water.

      Advantage: The skin is fine, the skin texture is tight. As she ages, she has quite a few fine wrinkles. 

      Cause: It will be understood that the hydrolipidic film is altered. It is too thin and no longer protects the skin. Water naturally present in the skin evaporates more than normal.

      Favor nourishing and soothing rather than hydrating care. Avoid the use of cleansers and strippers which deteriorate the hydrolipidic film of the skin and accentuate the evaporation of the water contained in the dermis. Our products: JASPE dry skin serum for women - men's dry skin serum 03S - NATURA children's dry skin serum

      Oily skin: poorly hydrated skin

      The skin tends to glow throughout the day throughout the face. She is more prone to inflamed pimples and blackheads. Its symptoms are linked to an overproduction of sebum (seborrhea) in the pilosebaceous follicles. The skin is thick, the pores are visible and the complexion is duller.

      Advantage: As it ages, it shows few wrinkles and the signs of aging appear later.

      Cause: Like dry skin, the hydrolipidic film is also altered here. In fact, oily skin always produces more sebum because it lacks hydration and thus compensates for its vulnerability to external elements (wind, cold, pollution).

      Favor moisturizers based on non-occlusive and comedogenic vegetable oils. Avoid the use of cleansers and strippers that deteriorate the hydrolipidic film of the skin and stimulate the production of sebum. Our products: oily skin serum for women GAIA - men's oily skin serum 03G 

       Combination skin: the most common skin type

      Oily skin on the T zone (forehead, nose, chin) and normal or dry skin on the rest of the face. Blackheads and pimples may appear on the T zone.

      Favor care for combination or oily skin during the day and a richer moisturizer at night. Our products: combination skin serum for women IRIS - men's combination skin serum 03M  



      With the 4 types of skin identified above, you can be confronted with different skin conditions which can appear according to the season, the period of life or according to the hormonal functioning. These skin conditions affect all skin types: oily skin can be dehydrated!

      Dehydrated skin is skin that lacks water, a feeling of tightness then appears on localized areas of the face. The complexion lacks radiance and fine lines appear.

        Favor nourishing treatments rich in Omega 3 & 6 such as borage oil, evening primrose oil ... without forgetting to drink at least 1.5 L of water per day, the hydration of the skin being made of first from the inside.

        Sensitive / reactive skin is a skin which reacts strongly to external aggressions and stimuli (hard water, pollution, cold, cosmetic products etc.). Its hydrolipidic film is often weakened making the skin more reactive: redness, tingling, tightness, heating are frequent symptoms.

          Favor gentle, soothing and moisturizing treatments. Remove make-up from your skin with leave-in cleansers and soothing mists (avoid using soap). Use treatments enriched with hemp, avocado and safflower oil to strengthen the skin barrier and increase the resistance of blood vessels.

          Mature skin is a skin that lacks tone and elasticity (loss of collagen density in the dermis of the skin), wrinkles and sagging skin appear. In addition, thinner skin becomes drier (alteration of the hydrolipidic film) and the appearance of brown spots (deregulation of melanin production).

            Favor gentle, firming and moisturizing treatments. Remove make-up from your skin with leave-in cleansers and soothing mists (avoid using soap). Use treatments enriched with evening primrose oil, borage, sea buckthorn, rich in Omega 6, triterpenes and sterols to fight against aging and dehydration of the skin. Our products: AZUR mature skin serum - mature skin serum for men 03A

            The list does not end there. We could also name the skin prone to acne (serum A), rosacea (CR serum), eczema (EP serum) etc. who require appropriate care.



            Here is a quick little test to define your skin type. After your shower, during the day, would you say that:

            YOUR skin shines?

            • Yes all over your face ... you have oily skin.
            • No ... it feels tight and / or flaky, you have dry, or even very dry skin.
            • A bit of both ... it shines on the forehead, nose, chin and it is normal or dry on the rest of the face. You have combination skin like almost 80% of people.
            • None of that… you have normal skin.

            TO REMEMBER

            Our skin type is genetically defined at birth and nothing can change it (except for certain drug treatments) whatever the routine or the cosmetic treatments used.

            This does not mean that you cannot have beautiful skin provided you know your skin type well and take care of it with appropriate care.

            It is advisable to adapt your skincare routine according to the seasons, your external environment, the vagaries of life (stress, fatigue, etc.), the condition of your skin ... this does not mean that you will have to do everything. change but certainly add complementary care.

            Avoid stripping care and too frequent exfoliations, alcohol-based cosmetics. Favor treatments composed mainly of organic vegetable oils, nourishing butters, essential oils and soothing mists to rebalance the pH of your skin.


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